Holding Hands

04/03/2021 - 24/04/2021

We are pleased to present Holding Hands featuring Olivia Bax, Hannah Brown, Ian Brown, Douglas Cantor, Lucas Dupuy, Peter Frederiksen, Florence Hutchings, Nick Jensen, Na´ve John, Jordy Kerwick, Erin Lawlor, Yushi Li, Christina Niederberger, Luisa Me, Annie Morris, Alvin Ong, Jack Otway, Charlie Oscar Patterson, Gideon Rubin, Max Rumbol, Corbin Shaw, Antonia Showering, Victor Seaward, Sophie Vallance Cantor and Rose Wylie, curated by William Gustafsson

The exhibition began with only a handful of artists, with lockdown striking this left us time to take a step back. Without any time pressure, which is so often present, we have been able to put together a more ambitious project. This exhibition was born through a longing for togetherness, bringing a sense of community back to the gallery in these very distant times.

The exhibiting artists include many of whom we have shown before and others new to the gallery. We have been able to include artists which we have long admired and those whom have recently come to our attention. We have always attempted to support young artists in the beginning of their artistic journey. This exhibition allowed us to bring together a range of artists at various stages of their careers.

All works have been produced during the recent lockdown and we are excited to share the amazing output of the artists on display. Showcasing the wealth of talent which the artists have been able to continue making during these challenging times.

So much as been said over the past months we leave the exhibition free and open for the viewers to critique whether you experience the exhibition virtually or in person.

We hope you enjoy the subtle dialogues created between the various artists.

The exhibition will begin online but is due to open the public when the lockdown is lifted.