Gaze Motion 2005

Osang Gwon

The Flat 7 2005

GWON, Osang

The Flat and Deodorant Type

Gwon works between the fields of photography and sculpture. The artist plays with representations of reality and truth in both media by creating photographic sculptures and sculptural photographs.
The Flat (2006): For this still-life the artist creates a three-dimensional structure using cut outs of jewellery from glossy magazines. By sticking them onto a pin and placing images according to scale, Gwon creates a sculptural installation. The final procedure involves capturing the installation with a camera, thus rendering it in two dimensions and returning these simulated objects of desire to their original form.
Deodorant Type (2005-2006): Here again Gwon subverts preconceptions about representational form. A subject is rendered through the overlaying of photographs onto sculpture. The prints depict the corresponding physiology and clothing of the subject and form an illusion of surface and tangibility. The often surreal and contorted poses of the figures create an unsettling impression, while the physical lightness of the sculptures prompts the viewer to question notions of materiality.